B          I           O         G         R         A         P          H         Y


 Apostle Sharon Y. Spencer






Chief Apostle Sharon Spencer is the founding pastor of True Victory Ministries. She walks with a true Apostolic and Prophetic call on her life. Chief Apostle Spencer has been called to impart and activate the gifts of the Spirit in order to bring about healing, deliverance, and maturity of the Sons and Daughters of God. She is a true woman of God who lives to pray and intercede for God’s people. She is anointed to help develop foundational principles in having a true relationship with the Lord.


Chief Apostle Spencer has been operating in effective ministry and changing the lives of many for the past twenty-five plus years through prayer, mentorship, biblical teachings, healings, and baptisms. She has operated in ministry in the United States as well as overseas in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Lord spoke to Chief Apostle Spencer and led her to start Noon Day Prayer in her home. There she began operating in ministry and changing the lives of many through prayer, biblical teachings, and deliverance. Upon returning back into the United States from Cuba in 1993, she was licensed as a Minister under the pastorate of Bishop George E. Rouser of True Deliverance and Praise Ministry in Newport News, Virginia.


As the Lord continued her journey, in October 2004, she was licensed and ordained as Elder. The Lord has truly blessed and empowered her to answer the call to build God’s kingdom through building his people. She was called to the Office of Apostle in 2008. 


As the ministry began to grow, Chief Apostle Spencer’s vision expanded even more. She implemented the Women’s Prophetic Conferences, the Marriage and Family Seminars, and Leadership Outreach which serves as a covering to young ministries in its covenant alliances. Going further and into another dimension of God Chief Apostle Spencer pursued the word in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show thyself approved.” As a result, she was led to teach others the Hebraic Roots of Jesus (YESHUA) and the Original Church. In 2014, the she launched the first Jerusalem Conference in the city of Hampton. This year, the Apostle launched two new ministries, Beautiful Touch Healing Center with Prayer that Heal the Heart, and True Victory Apostolic Alliance. In addition, the Apostle’ is introducing the new Haiti Outreach Missions Network “Hearts Around Haiti” campaign in 2016.


Chief Apostle Spencer is building the people of God so they might know his ways and build His Kingdom. She is a dedicated servant of God, and works diligently to make True Victory Ministries - “A Place of Refreshing.”


Chief Apostle Spencer has a true heart for God’s people and moves with compassion by the power of The Holy Spirit. She is a divine illustration and demonstration of God’s love. Apostle Spencer truly walks in the Love of God.


Chief Apostle Sharon Spencer is the loving and devoted wife of Aundré Spencer. She is the mother of three sons, one daughter, and the grandmother of four.     

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